Charlotte en Jan – 2e kindje – VBAC in ziekenhuis

I contacted Joke at the very last weeks (36 weeks) of the pregnancy because I wanted to try VBAC, but I was not very sure and not confident.Although we didn’t have much time, Joke arranged all 3 sessions very efficiently. We went through our background, the 1st birth and our needs. I briefly made the birth plan by following the guide provided by Joke.

Joke and us went through the birth plan and explained and asked more details which we didn’t think about or didnt think deeper. We felt much more prepared and confident about the coming birth.

However, each birth is different and doesn’t always go as it was planned. I past the 41 weeks mark which I agreed with the gynecologist about a planned c-section. The doctors don’t want me to go past 41 weeks because of the extra risk rates. I was under a lot of pressure because I had a stronger willing to have a VBAC after reading the hypnobirthing book and the sessions with Joke. Joke was very helpful at that time. She gave me advices to weight my opinions and also techniques to relax, to find out what I really want.

Eventually, I canceled my planned c-section appointment at 41+ 2 weeks and agreed to do a induce at 41+4 weeks.On 41+3, the day after the membrane sweep, the irregular contraction came right after the foot reflexology and it became more intense and regular. At 17:00, we arrived in the hospital and Joke arrived as well.

Joke helped us to fill up the bath, made sure that I drink enough and have some food, reminded me to empty my bladder, change positions to make the process going faster, helped me to use the breathing techniques to relieve the tension from the contraction. Each time I felt that I wanted to give up, Joke always told me that I can do it with a gentle but firm voice. All of that helped me to go through the 5 hours intensive contaction. The contraction phase went very well, I didn’t get any medical pain relief, only from the warm bath and breathing techniques.

At the push phase, Joke noticed the baby hair. So she immediately asked for the doctor. She ran out of the room because the doctor was not arriving yet. Shortly, the doctor came, and it went very fast, with one push, our daughter’s head was out. But the shoulder was stuck. After the help from the doctors, our daughter was born healthfully and luckily, I am also fine.

After the birth, I was told it was shoulder dystocia, a rare situation which can happen at the birth. I was upset and worried after i read what can happen to us. Joke visited me a few days after the birth and we watched the videos of the birth together. She filled me up the blurry memory during the birth. It helped me to understand what happened and what did the doctor do. It also helped me to have the whole picture of the birthI felt empowered and have a more positive attitude. Thanks to Joke!